A few activities we have enjoyed this term….

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We enjoyed joining the number bus! We took a number ticket and had to say the number before we took our seat. We then travelled to different places using our hand binoculars to see different objects.

Our melted snowman biscuits, Jelly for our healthy living week and muffin pizzas we have loved making:

One week we enjoyed learning about our senses. On the Monday we used our ears to listen and follow different rhythms with the musical instruments. On the Tuesday we done a blind smell and taste test, we could guess jam, marmite, smell strawberry and lemon and even spoke about sweet and sour tastes. On the wednesday we used sight, we used our eyes to see and guess the colours that were hidden under the word and used a pipet with water to explore the different colours we made. See below our fantastic colours we created:

Our diwali pots and poppies we made during festival week, we enjoyed talking about different festivals, celebrations and different religions/beliefs.