Ofsted result – OUTSTANDING!

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Featured, News

Ofsted result – OUTSTANDING!

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to say that we have received official confirmation today that the Pre-School received a rating of Outstanding from Ofsted after the inspection on Tuesday 8th July.

The inspector mentioned during her feedback that if she wanted to show another provider an example of good practice, then she would bring them to us.  She was really impressed with the communication and relationships between staff and parents and the independence of the children in self care and their preparation for the transition to primary school.  She complimented the creativity of the activities planned, backed up by robust paperwork, planning and record keeping.  She described the children as ‘like bees round a honeypot’  as they are so engaged in every activity that is offered to them.  She mentioned the language development of the children, for example, discussing unprompted the concept of dehydration at lunchtime.

As a teacher, I know that to be outstanding, you cannot just put on a good show on the day.  It needs consistent hard work and effort on a daily basis.  It is a real compliment to Lorraine and all the staff for everything that they do and a true recognition of the quality of their work.

See here for a copy of the (glowing!) report.  You will also be able to find a copy of the report on the Ofsted website within 10 working days from today, (http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/) by either searching under Woodham Mortimer Pre-School or our new Ofsted number since the move, which is EY474255.

Thank you too, to the committee and to all the parents for your continued support.  The Pre-School is a team effort but it is worth it as it is our children who benefit.

Kind regards

Julie Bennett (Committee Chair)